1st Amendment and Higher Education: From Protests to Biased Speech
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1st Amendment and Higher Education: From Protests to Biased Speech

Procedural Justice relates to the idea of fairness between citizens and public safety agencies. It is a belief that the administration of justice, the allocation and use of departmental resources, and the resolution of conflicts in an impartial manner all produce trust and promote positive relationships between police/public safety and the communities they serve. 


The DSA Procedural Justice Training Institute has been constructed for college and university police/public safety agency leaders and is taught by expert faculty. From command staff to first line supervisors, college and university sworn and non-sworn leaders who participate in Institute courses will be prepared to create and strengthen the ethical culture within their public safety organization that will aid in ensuring fair and impartial campus policing practices. 


1st Amendment and Higher Education: From Protests to Biased Speech


Course Description: This class will focus on First Amendment implications for higher education specific to campus law enforcement and public safety. The class will cover an overview of the First Amendment and will include opportunities for discussion and participation in case studies and practical exercises.


Some of the key topics that will be covered include:


      • Overview of First Amendment
      • Public vs. private implications
      • Key First Amendment cases
      • Impact on law enforcement and public safety
      • Crowds vs. mobs
      • Free speech zones
      • Online and virtual implications
      • Employee speech
      • Implications for threat/risk assessment
      • Policy considerations
      • Managing community expectations


Audience: Campus Police and Public Safety Command Staff and Supervisory Personnel


This course will be taught by two experts who have experience in the development of policies and procedures regarding speech, protests, and bias incidents. Both instructors have worked collaboratively with law enforcement and other agencies in addressing such issues.  They have both spoken on the national and regional level on issues related to the First Amendment.


If you would like to obtain a scope of work to bring this class to your institution, contact Dolores Stafford at dolores@dstaffordandassociates.com or (302) 344-5809.


February 15-16, 2023


August 9-10, 2023