Additional Service Options
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Additional Service Options

Procedural Justice Review Board Oversight


DSA can offer the following services for clients who seek external oversight of any of these new or existing functions:

    • Annual External Assessment of Progress in Implementing and Maintaining Recommendations
      • This option may include follow-up Community Forums, Focus Groups, Interviews, and/or Surveys, depending on the preferences/needs of the client.
    • Facilitate a Policy/Procedure Review Team
      • The DSA Facilitation Team could include individuals with the following areas of expertise: Law Enforcement/Public Safety Expert; Human Resources; and/or Student Affairs.
    • Chair/Co-Chair or serve as an External Advisor of a Serious Incident or Use of Force Review Board
    • Chair/Co-Chair or serve as an External Advisor of a Citizen Complaint Review Board
    • Provide an external campus public safety/law enforcement expert to participate in existing or new groups designed to provide feedback and guidance to campus public safety/police departments, including but not limited to:
      • Campus Safety Task Forces
      • Security and Safety Advisory Committees


Third-Party External Investigations into Officer-Involved Bias Incidents


DSA can provide external investigators to provide expert administrative fact-finding services into allegations of officer-involved bias. This includes investigations into allegations of officer behavior related to speech (in social media, verbally towards a community member, or during an incident) or to officer-involved use-of-force incidents where an allegation of officer bias is alleged to have been a motivating factor in the incident. The types of biases DSA would be prepared to investigate include, but are not limited to: race, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, and religion.