Recruitment and Retention in Today’s Modern Campus Police/Public Safety Agency
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Recruitment and Retention in Today’s Modern Campus Police/Public Safety Agency

Recruitment and Retention in Today’s Modern Campus Police/Public Safety Agency


Course Description: Campus police and public safety agency personnel must understand the communities they serve and further advance a policing philosophy and strategy that embraces diversity and difference.  This session will review tangible recruitment, selection, and retention strategies designed to attract, identify, and hire candidates who possess the skill sets necessary for success in today’s colleges and universities. Key strategies of professional training and development, proper reward and recognition, and an effective performance management system will be reviewed and discussed as foundational elements of a procedurally-just campus police and public safety agency.


Key Topics:


Some of the key topics that will be covered include:


    • Reframing the tenets of productive recruitment and selection procedures
    • Establishing recruitment and selection processes that will yield quality officers
    • Understanding how to develop an inclusive selection process
    • Creating a working environment that supports and sustains procedural justice in all management systems
    • Developing a reward and recognition program to encourage and reinforce core values adherence
    • Developing and maintaining a comprehensive performance management approach that supports, reinforces, and embodies the core concepts of procedural justice
    • Advancing retention strategies that will help maintain high-performers


Audience: Campus Police and Public Safety Command Staff and Supervisory Personnel


This course will be taught by higher education experts who have a background and expertise in recruitment and retention of Public Safety and Law Enforcement personnel on college campuses.



VIRTUAL: 3 Day Class from 11:00 am-4:30 pm (Eastern Time)



October 18-20, 2021



March 22-24, 2022



September 20-22, 2022